Persephone, Come Home!

Persephone, Come Home is a whimsical side scrolling game where you play the goddess Persephone as she tries to return to the Underworld at the end of Spring.

December 2018

Project Overview

"Persephone, Come Home" is a whimsical side-scrolling game that invites players to step into the divine shoes of the goddess Persephone. In this enchanting adventure, you'll guide Persephone on her journey to return to the Underworld at the end of spring, all while navigating a challenging obstacle course set by her protective mother, the goddess Demeter.


Visual Development

In "Persephone, Come Home," players assume the role of Persephone, who is determined to reunite with her beloved underworld kingdom. To achieve this, players must skillfully maneuver Persephone through a vibrant and obstacle-ridden world, featuring bundles of wheat placed by her mother, Demeter, who strives to prevent her daughter's descent.

As you guide Persephone on her adventure, you'll face thrilling challenges and engage in strategic jumps over bundles of wheat, all while embracing the whimsical and enchanting nature of Greek mythology. The game masterfully blends storytelling, strategy, and agility to offer players an immersive and entertaining gaming experience.

Design Process

  • Conceptualization: The concept for "Persephone, Come Home" was born from the rich tapestry of Greek mythology, specifically the touching story of Persephone's annual return to the Underworld. This concept highlighted the unique gameplay element of strategic jumping over wheat bundles as a means of progressing.
  • Development: During development, meticulous attention was paid to ensuring intuitive controls, engaging level design, and a captivating visual style that draws players into the mythological world.
  • Art and Sound: The game's artwork and enchanting soundtrack were crafted to immerse players in the world of Greek mythology and evoke a sense of wonder and nostalgia.

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