Sketch Aquarium

Miami Children’s Museum in collaboration with ZB Kids teamLab introduced a unique unprecedented experience; an interactive virtual aquarium where children’s physical artwork becomes an animated and digitized part of the rich undersea environment.

February 2015

Project Overview

Children can observe the power of their creative imagination through Sketch Aquarium. Each participant is invited to color in a drawing of a sea creature of his or her preference. Once completed, the piece of paper is scanned, and the image is projected onto a giant virtual aquarium. Children will be able to see their creation come to life and swim with all the other sea creatures. Children may also touch the fish to see them swim away, or touch the virtual food bag to feed the fish.


Exhibit Design
Graphic Design
UI Design

New Housing

In our quest to elevate the immersive ambiance of the exhibit, we envisioned a housing that transcends the ordinary—a colossal aquarium that envelops children in a world of aquatic wonder. As the designer behind this innovative space, my role extended to crafting a physical environment that seamlessly merges with the virtual, ensuring a harmonious and enchanting experience. Complemented by detailed instructions, the exhibit's new housing is more than a space; it's an invitation for children to dive into the captivating universe of Sketch Aquarium and let their creativity flow like the tides.


Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator


Honorable Mention - 2016 MUSE Award