Forever Celia

October 2018

Project Overview

Forever Celia! is an exhibit that explores the incredible life of La Reina de Salsa, Celia Cruz (1925-2003). Going by decade, Forever Celia! takes an in depth look at how Celia’s one of a kind voice and phenomenal stage presence made her an icon across the globe. Starting in a working class neighborhood, she broke down barriers for women of color in a male-dominated industry by becoming a Salsa legend. Standing as the largest exhibit yet on La Reina, Forever Celia! shows how one of the most well known Cuban exiles was and is an essential part of keeping Cuban music alive through never before seen photos, videos, awards, and, of course, her dresses.


Visual Development
Exhibit Layout

The exhibit features a variety of artifacts, including personal belongings, costumes, and photographs, that highlight key moments in Celia Cruz's life and career. From her childhood in Havana to her rise to fame in the United States and beyond, visitors can explore the many facets of Celia's life and the impact she had on the music industry.

The exhibit also includes interactive elements, such as a recreation of the moment she visited Guantanamo Bay. Additionally, the exhibit features multimedia displays and videos that showcase Celia's performances and interviews throughout her career.

Overall, Forever Celia is a celebration of a true musical legend and an opportunity for visitors to connect with the rich cultural heritage of the Cuban diaspora. Through its engaging and interactive design, the exhibit brings to life the music, style, and spirit of Celia Cruz, and inspires visitors to explore and appreciate the diversity of Latin American culture.

The Finished Piece


Adobe Illustrator
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Carissa Perez-Fuentes
Omer Pardillo Cid
Aramis Perez
Jennifer Hernandez
Versal Studios