MiChuMu'S Summer Games

Summer Games is the Children's Museum's exhibit to celebrate the Olympics

April 2016

Project Overview

"MiChiMu's Summer Games" is a dynamic and interactive exhibit that transforms the museum space into a celebration of teamwork, fitness, and global cultures. Designed to inspire healthy lifestyles, this innovative showcase engages visitors in a playful exploration of various sports and traditions from around the world. From lighting the Traditional Torches to testing gymnastic skills, the exhibit fosters an energetic and educational environment.


Exhibit Design
Visual Design
UI Design

Key Goals

Teamwork and Fitness Exploration:
  • Encourage teamwork through interactive components like Traditional Torches and Fantastic Gymnastic.
  • Promote physical activity and healthy lifestyles by introducing children to sports like swimming, cycling, running, high jump, badminton, basketball, table tennis, and golf.
Cultural Spotlight
  • Highlight different nations from around the world, offering a diverse and inclusive perspective on sports and traditions.
  • Foster cultural appreciation by integrating elements from the 2016 Rio games, infusing the exhibit with vibrant and dynamic energy.
Educational Engagement
  • Provide an educational experience that goes beyond sports, offering insights into the significance of the Olympic Games and the skills involved in various sports.
  • Make learning about teamwork, fitness, and global cultures a fun and memorable experience for visitors of all ages.

Design Process

Conceptualization and Innovation:
  • Take an existing exhibit and breathe new life into it, infusing it with the vibrant spirit of the 2016 Rio games.
  • Conceptualize interactive components that not only educate but also captivate the audience, making fitness and cultural exploration enjoyable.
Interactive Components Design:
  • Design Traditional Torches to engage visitors in a hands-on experience of lighting and maintaining the torch flame.
  • Develop Fantastic Gymnastic areas that invite children to test their skills on balance beams, dance in gymnastic spaces, and learn about various sports.
Incorporating Cultural Elements:
  • Integrate cultural elements from different nations, providing a rich and diverse backdrop for the exhibit.
  • Curate an experience that combines the excitement of sports with a global perspective, creating an immersive environment.
Dynamic Energy from Rio Games:
  • Infuse the exhibit with the bright and lively energy of the 2016 Rio games, creating an atmosphere of enthusiasm and celebration.
  • Ensure that the refreshed exhibit captures the attention and interest of visitors, offering a new take on an 8-year-old concept.

The Finished Piece


Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop


Lúcia Williams
Timothy Shortino
Brian Brunette