The Lion Guard: The Exhibit

The Lion Guard Exhibit is a traveling exhibit created by The Miami Children’s Museum.

January 2017 - June 2018

Project Overview

The Lion Guard is an interactive children's exhibit that took place at the Miami Children's Museum. The exhibit was based on the popular Disney Jr. spinoff TV show of the same name and aimed to teach children about animals and conservation while allowing them to explore the world of the Lion Guard. The exhibit included a range of hands-on activities, interactive displays, and educational materials, all designed to provide a fun and engaging experience for children.


Concept Design
Exhibit Development
Product Design

Key Goals

The Lion Guard: The Exhibit" sought to achieve significant educational and entertainment goals by:

Teaching Conservation
  • The exhibit aimed to educate children about the importance of conservation and the role they play in protecting animals and their habitats.
Interactive Learning
  • Through hands-on activities and interactive displays, the exhibit encouraged children to actively engage with the content, fostering a deeper understanding of animals and their environments.
Bringing Characters to Life
  • By featuring The Lion Guard characters, the exhibit aimed to make learning fun and relatable, with the characters guiding children through various activities.

Design Process

Conceptualization and Collaboration
  • The project began with collaborative efforts between the Miami Children's Museum and Disney Jr. to conceptualize an exhibit that seamlessly blended education with entertainment.
Interactive Display Planning
  • Extensive planning went into designing interactive displays that would allow children to explore The Lion Guard's world, emphasizing both entertainment and educational elements.
Coordination and Execution
  • The exhibit's success hinged on coordination between the museum and the TV show creators, requiring specialized skills in exhibit design, interactive displays, and educational programming.
Immersive Learning
  • The design process focused on creating an immersive learning experience that not only entertained children but also provided valuable insights into animals, their habitats, and the importance of conservation.

The Finished Piece


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Lúcia Williams
Dave Piper