Save Lake O

Save Lake O is a collaboration between University of Miami students and Florida Audubon to protect the habitats of Lake Okeechobee.

November 2020

Project Overview

The "Save Lake O" project, a collaborative effort between the University of Miami's School of Communication and Audubon Florida, aims to raise awareness about the critical issue of nutrient-rich runoff and toxic blue-green algae blooms in Lake Okeechobee. Through an interactive website and video, the initiative seeks to advocate for regulatory changes in waste management around the lake, offering actionable solutions to protect the environment, people, and wildlife.


Project Management
Interaction Design
Video Editinig

The Problem

Pollution and harmful algal blooms in Lake Okeechobee have been a major environmental concern for over 20+ years. The primary cause is excessive nutrient-runoff from agriculture and urban activities. The challenge is to explain the problem clearly to the public as its complexity is a barrier to the public's engagement with relevant policy issues. A second challenge is to illustrate key solutions to policy and decision-makers so they can act with confidence since the enormity and complexity of the problem makes them uncertain and predisposed to believe and spread conflicting information.

Key Goals

"Save Lake O" has strategic goals focused on:

  1. Public Awareness: Communicate the complexity of Lake Okeechobee's pollution issue in a clear and engaging manner to the public.
  2. Policy Impact: Illustrate key solutions to policymakers, fostering informed decision-making and confidence in addressing the environmental challenge.
  3. Advocacy for Change: Advocate for regulatory changes in waste management practices to combat nutrient-rich runoff and protect the lake's ecosystem.

Design Process

Research and Collaboration

  • Conducted comprehensive research on Lake Okeechobee's environmental challenges.
  • Collaborated with Audubon Florida to understand the intricacies of the issue and potential solutions.


  • Defined the visual storytelling approach, aiming to simplify the complexity of the problem for public understanding.
  • Outlined key interactive elements for the website and the narrative structure for the video.

Development of Interactive Website

  • Utilized Mapbox's intuitive features to visually illustrate Lake Okeechobee's history and the impact of nutrient runoff.
  • Integrated interactive elements to engage users and provide a comprehensive view of the issue.

Video Production

  • Created a compelling video narrative to supplement the interactive website, effectively communicating the urgency of the problem.
  • Ensured alignment with the project's goals to inform and inspire action.

User Engagement and Advocacy

  • Launched the interactive website and video to reach a broad audience.
  • Encouraged user engagement and sharing to amplify the message and drive awareness.

Impact Assessment and Iteration

  • Monitored the project's impact on public awareness and policy discussions.
  • Gathered feedback and iterated on the design and communication strategy for continuous improvement.


Save Lake O" successfully launched an interactive platform and video, effectively raising awareness about Lake Okeechobee's environmental challenges. The project has made strides in advocating for policy changes and continues to engage the public in the collective effort towards a cleaner and healthier future.


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